Air Data Systems

ADSE Products

The ADSE 7XX (Air Data Suport Equipment) product line allows to generate and control pressures and vacuum simulating altitudes and speeds with regulated altitude rates at 1%, in order to check the accuracy, the hysteresis and the leak rates of all types of aircraft flight indicators (altimeters, airspeed, variometers and air data computers).

The product line includes generators, readers and controllers for use in the workshop and on the tarmac.

The ADSE 7XX  fully cater for all types of aircraft form the UAV to the larger airliner and the fighter and electrical power suppliers.

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Balancing Systems for gas turbines
from MTI Instruments

 The PBS-4100 Product range is a very good system to fix an vibration problem at an aircraft/vessel gas turbines from MTI INSTRUMENTS / USA.

The PBS-4100 Products could be used for engines of the manufactorers: CFMI, GE, Honeywell, Pratt & Whitney, Rolls-Royce, IAE, R-R-Allison and others.

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